The most exciting marriage proposal in Mexico.

If you are planning a marriage proposal, we have a great idea to surprise your girlfriend in the most romantic way in Mexico.
Whether you live in Mexico or not, this is your chance to surprise your beloved
in a romantic marriage proposal in one of the most beautiful and romantic areas of Mexico.

Your beloved will not believe that everything is especially designed for her!
Our designer comes specially to many special places 
in Mexico to design for you the most beautiful decoration for your special moment.

Description and package details for a marriage proposal in Mexico

The base package includes:

• Planning and personalising the entire event for your marriage proposal in Mexico, including logistics and coordination with local agencies.

• Roundtable / Square with white tablecloth.
• Carpet Red / White length of 4 m
• Small lettering (one option from a choice of three).
• Flower arrangement on the table.
• Full still photography of the proposal + followed by a couple shoot.​
• Between 40-50 fully edited and full resolution pictures within 72 hours with a download link.
• Speaker for personal music playback of your choice.
• Video from iPhone / Go Pro Camera - no editing.

Price of the event: 580$
for base package with no extras.
for additional extras see below.

Payment method
We accept credit cards & PayPal
Payment by phone order.

Extras and prices to upgrade the experience

Additional charge to a location outside of Playa del Carmen - Cozumel Tulum / Cancun $ 40 / Isla Mujeres $ 80 / Clear - Holbush $ 170.

Large red MARRY ME 
letters - $ 60
(Not available in every location due to the size of the letters)

HD + hover video photography

What do you get?
HD 1 minute video for social networking within 72 hours,
Highlights HD video of 3 minutes, within a week, with the entrance song to the proposal.

Extra cost - $ 350.

♦ Bottle of wine and glasses designed with first names - $ 40.

♦ Seasonal fruit plate [in Mexico it's season all year :)] Mango, Pineapple, Melon, Papaya, Kiwi, Strawberries - $ 45.

Canopy Design - Triangular, square, round or bow frame,
Decorated with fabrics / flowers / beads (its design is subject to selection and change) - Cost starting at $ 90

Yacht Marriage Proposal - Yacht rentals range from $ 600 to $ 2,500, depending on the size of the craft.

Wedding Proposal in Senuta - Prices range from $ 20 up to $ 1500, depending on the Senuta, whether it is a private event (if you choose to close the site for the public) or a public proposal during its operating hours.


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